BIM graphic with comparison of completed project Marelich Mechanical leverages BIM to help ensure faster delivery of better-built facilities and significantly more efficient ongoing management and cost control.

Streamline Project Planning and Coordination

BIM brings everyone involved in every project phase to a central place early—and maintains connectivity throughout the project lifecycle. It allows multiple disciplines to simultaneously create and enhance 3D models, giving immediate review and comment capability. Through BIM, your project team is able to:

  • See all systems throughout facilities before ground is broken
  • Spot potential collisions or issues early to help save time and money
  • Explore design alternatives
  • Build upon and share each other’s progress, fostering problem-solving innovation

Improve Constructability

Not only can our BIM coordination help you avoid conflicts in the field and reduce project costs, BIM can also:

  • Better define your project early to improve budget accuracy
  • Optimize prefabrication designs for manufacturability
  • Help increase site safety
  • Provide consistent communication over long-term projects
  • Maximize end-result accuracy through continual collaboration

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