Prefabrication Services

Interior view of the Marelich fabrication facilityMarelich Mechanical manufactures a wide range of high-quality components from our own leading-edge process piping, commercial plumbing, and sheet metal fabrication facilities in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. 

Whether we’re designing a machine base, constructing a structural add-on, or producing piping systems, our experts offer a full suite of options, including welding services for stainless steel, carbon, galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. 

Built In House for Your Benefit

Because we build in-house, in a controlled environment, we can plan ahead with the project team to deliver when it's time to install, which helps to: 

  • Shorten project delivery cycles and field installation time
  • Maintain maximum jobsite safety
  • Reduce construction time
  • Keep production on schedule regardless of field weather conditions
  • Promote trouble-free mechanical system installation

Reach out today to learn how our fabrication can improve your projects.