Sacramento, CA

CalPERS Headquarters

We installed piping and ductwork for a facility extension that earned LEED Silver certification.

Night view of the entrance to CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento

Value Delivered

For the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), Marelich Mechanical redesigned the configuration of perimeter ductwork to help complete their extension of the existing landmark Lincoln Plaza facility. 

By implementing value-engineering, we achieved a credit to the owner, faster installation, and simplified project coordination. Through efficient collaboration, we met critical milestones to keep this fast-track project on schedule. 

Our solutions also helped the client earn a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver certification.

Client Objectives 

The CalPERS Board and project team wanted to develop the the R Street Corridor through an extension of the existing Lincoln Plaza facility that would connect two structures with a tunnel below Q Street.


To achieve the client’s goals, we leveraged our value engineering expertise, enabling us to install systems within the project’s short duration.

Due to an access hatch omitted in a slab, we devised an an innovative rigging structure and engineered plan that allowed us to safely place chillers in a lower level. We also redesigned the perimeter ductwork configuration.

Our solutions included the installation of:

  • Approximately 421,000 pounds of ductwork
  • 60,000 feet of HVAC piping
  • 79,000 feet of plumbing piping
  • Two 250-ton chillers
  • Two 500-ton chillers
  • Four 1,732 MBTUH boilers
  • 11 air handlers totaling 298,000 cubic feet per minute
  • 413 underfloor fan terminal units
  • 60 pumps
  • 15 computer room AC units
  • 73 fan coil units
  • Two drinking water chiller units
  • 43 fans
  • Miscellaneous architectural sheet metal
  • Rooftop mechanical screens

Client Background

California Public Employees' Retirement System provides retirement and health benefits to more than 1.4 million members.